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About Me

What I love most about coaching is the privilege of being allowed to act as a catalyst for another person’s achievements.

My Story

After having studied law in Germany (Erstes Juristische Staatsexamen, Potsdam University) and the UK (LLM and PhD at Warwick University) I completed my accredited life coach training in 2017 whilst working as an Associate Professor of Law. When I began my accredited life coaching training, I assumed that life coaching was like sport coaching and mainly consisted of giving advice, encouragement and recording progress. During my studies I learned very quickly that life coaching is very different and offers so much more than mentoring. It taps into the unlimited and often undiscovered hidden potential of individuals, discovers new avenues to success, unblocks limiting beliefs and enhances productive thought patterns. Most of all it makes real changes and achieves tangible results. I have coached clients in specific goals such as writing a book or getting a promotion as well as more general successes, such as building confidence, overcoming procrastination or simply getting things done.

Throughout the years I have expanded my knowledge in skills in the field of mindset and performance coaching and have completed a number of training courses and qualifications including:


Assertiveness Techniques (2016)

Essential Mentoring Skills (2016)

Motivating Students and Keeping them Motivated (2016)

Accredited Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP (2017)

Appraising with Confidence (2019)

Learning How to Learn (2019)

The Science of Well-Being (2020)

Virtual Working with Change (2021)

Spiritual Life Coaching Diploma (2021)

Social Psychology (2021)

REBT Mindset Life Coach Certification (2022)

Accredited Certified Insight Coach Diploma (2023)

Over twenty years of professional experience in teaching, research and publishing offered me the privilege of coaching and mentoring numerous students and colleagues. While I helped enhance writing skills, and presentation skills, time-management, and project planning, my favourite area has always been confidence building, performance enhancing and motivation. I am fascinated by the power of thought and the recent discoveries in neuroscience and social psychology and their practical applications in everyday life.

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