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Before getting coaching with Regina I was stressed, struggling with imposter syndrome and often holding back from being fully myself. Over three months of coaching I have grown so much and feel emotionally lighter, more confident and am more gentle with myself and my emotions.


I now feel like I have a personalised toolbox of mental strategies to help me with any situation I am facing and it’s all thanks to the discussions I had with Regina. She is kind, supportive and has an amazing way of helping you to understand your own experiences and emotions in relation to one another.


I was nervous to take the first step with getting coaching as I didn’t think I had issues that were “bad” enough. Regina made me feel completely valid and I’m so glad I took this step for my mental health.


I can’t recommend and thank her enough!


I recently experienced some coaching sessions with Regina, when I was feeling stuck and disheartened with the direction of my business.

To begin with, I wasn’t exactly sure of the direction I wished to go in.  Regina listened intently and with great compassion, whilst I explored all my thoughts and feelings whilst giving me space to pause and reflect.  Regina is highly intuitive and she highlighted certain ‘unspoken’ points which I had not been aware of initially.   She is a very insightful and authentic person and I felt very safe and understood in her presence.

Whilst Regina is a very empathetic and compassionate person, she also knows when to ask ‘tough’ questions that will result in creating a positive shift.  With Regina’s help, I identified and started to reframe old limiting beliefs I’d held that were causing me upset and preventing me moving forwards. 

As a result of having coaching with Regina, I was able to create a realistic plan of action for my business and to see a clearer and more positive way forwards in general.   I would highly recommend Regina as a coach and as a genuinely lovely person to know.


Life Coach

Regina has patience, compassion and gentle wisdom, as well as an ability to unravel dilemmas with clear understanding and insight.


She has enabled me to be completely honest about my struggles, so that I can now acknowledge the good work I have done, accept past difficulties and look forward to new ideas and creativity. Setting new goals with Regina has moved me away from chaotic despair to a more sustainable, restful way of life.


I am still a 'work in progress', but Regina gives me time to work on the changes I need to make, while still guiding and supporting me. Her coaching has been a constant encouragement through a time of unforeseen adversity.


Regina worked with me for several weeks on how to build motivation, confidence and resilience by adopting various techniques.


I cannot recommend her coaching sessions more. I found the conversation with her extremely engaging, inspiring and helpful. The sessions were very interactive where she will ask you insightful questions and they really made you to think deeply and exploring your inner-self, your goals and ambitions.

Regina will also send us detailed notes about the session afterwards so we can reflect back on her comments.

She was very supportive and boosted my confidence in many aspects. I had to prepare for an interview and Regina helped me with that. I eventually got my dream job offer and I am extremely grateful to her! Thank you so much

Regina! Keep up the great work, you are my inspiration!

Civil Servant (National Probation Service)

       The greatest outcome of the coaching was for me that it was completely different from what I had expected. While I had previously assumed that a coach would simply prompt me, accompany and guide me in collecting my own ideas and organising my steps towards realising my goal, I ended up with an altogether different attitude towards my goals.

Regina asked me questions that I had not and never would have asked myself, which were so meaningful that by answering them I realised I wanted to alter my goal in a way that made it more satisfying and credible at the same time.

As a result I was happier with my altered goal and ended up with a much stronger belief that it is possible and consequently with much greater motivation.

While I started with problems that I wanted to be solved, I ended happy about the chances I have.

The specific steps and individual ideas towards its manifestation were also part of the coaching but didn’t seem nearly as important as the „Why“ behind it.

What I liked about Regina’s approach apart from asking the „right“ questions was, that she was always conscientious, sensitive and never in any way imposing any opinion, expectation, experience or council of her own, not even in a mild, suggestive way.

Sometimes Regina made a suggestion, some of which I found excellent and took on board immediately, but when I didn’t feel them quite fitting for myself, she never insisted and let me find my own way.

I felt that our work was completely about me and that Regina was always waiting patiently for my thoughts to develop and my own inner guidance to unfold.

At the same time she showed great vigilance and did not shy away from asking twice when something seemed not quite clear between us or between me and myself.

But most of all, Regina was so supportive during all of our work, that the feeling to be understood and encouraged in my aspirations helped me more than anything else. It is obvious that Regina does not put on a professional demeanor in order to achieve this effect but simply acts out her very natural and sincerely caring attitude to her fellow human beings.

What I take with me from my Coaching with Regina are immediate small successes in practical life, and I am very positive in expecting bigger ones as I am putting my plans further into action.

But moreover, the experience has shown me a whole different approach to problem-solving and the setting of a new goal.

I now believe that it is well worth our while to spend this time and attention on how we see a problem and how we set a goal before springing into action, since that may profoundly change the quality of anything we actually do. Before, I wasn’t sure that a coach could do anything for me that half an hour with a pen and a piece of paper couldn’t do just as well.

I would recommend Regina to anyone looking for a coach and will definitely ask for her services again.


It was a true pleasure and an awakening speaking with you on the 17th. You really are a wonderful person and a true professional. Words can not describe how amazing the experience was. Thank you very much.


Sales Person

I can say with conviction: Have coaching with Regina was the best decision of my life and it saved me.


First of all: Regina is extremely focused, solution-oriented and very humorous and warm-hearted. Already in the first lesson she managed to pinpoint my rather undefined problem areas. In my emotional impasse at that time, I would never have been able to do this on my own. I had lost myself, my self-confidence and all belief in my ability and doing.

With her refreshing and empathic manner, Regina achieved that I reclaimed the courage to allow myself things that until then I had only granted others and to accept my own strengths.


With her feeling for the essentials, she does not allow herself to be distracted by sideshows and coaches exclusively without judgment. She never criticizes or censors, but is always 100% honest in her support.

I think this is a big part of her success: she doesn’t give therapy or offers concrete solutions but gives food for thought; through their creative and trusting discussions and exercises, you think about yourself and actually find the solutions during the coaching all by yourself.


This is what happened with my high versatility giftedness; To have identified this for what it is explains my whole life so far and so many of my life decisions that I have previously doubted or dismissed. Now I feel free, no longer wrong, and much stronger and braver than ever before.


The coaching has helped me an awful lot, both privately and professionally. I have completely reoriented myself and am suddenly a much happier and more content person. For me it is like the end of a lifelong search in which I was almost lost. I can only say THANK YOU for this help, which will be with me all my life.


       Regina was an inspiring yet patient coach and really helpful in the way she supported me in meeting my aim. What was refreshing was the way she was persistent without being pushy and encouraged me to find my own solutions rather than keep telling me what I ought to be doing. I'm sure Regina was frustrated by my lack of progress sometimes but didn't show it, instead she helped me to resolve my issues by reminding me what my goal was and keeping me on track. And this is something I've taken on board in more projects than just this one that we were working on. Thank you 😊


I felt stuck, unmotivated and tired at work when Regina very kindly gifted me two coaching sessions. Regina made the experience incredibly positive and uplifting right from the start. More than anything, the sessions gave me hope that I could change my current situation. They gave me what I didn't know I needed. 


Regina is extremely patient and professional in her approach. Owing to her compassion and humour, I immediately felt comfortable sharing my problems.

I was not sure what to expect from coaching, but my conversations with Regina pulled me out of quite a dark and negative headspace. It's safe to say that I think it is a great resource for anyone who feels a little lost. Regina gently guided me to a different way of thinking. She is very observant and during our sessions, it often felt like she was able to bring together and make sense of the messy heavy thoughts I shared. It gave me a much-needed, different perspective on many of the issues I was battling. 

I was able to take comfort and strength from our sessions, which ultimately had a lasting positive effect on my outlook towards work and life overall. I am incredibly thankful to Regina for all her time and energy. I would encourage anyone to get in touch and try coaching with Regina... You will feel much better for it!

Lecturer in Intelligence Studies

       Coaching with Regina helped me a lot. I had hesitated for a long time to do any coaching because on the one hand I felt a lot of chaos in myself, on the other I was unsure whether I would be able to formulate a specific goal. This uncertainty subsided immediately in the first meeting. I found Regina to be a very sensitive, intelligent and emphatic conversation partner. The knot in me dissolved very quickly and then everything just poured out of me. With her help I was then able to organise my topics, and we then identified realistic goals together. Regina always encouraged me to find solutions within myself, which I now use again and again in everyday life. Since the coaching I am feeling much better and I don’t know why I haven’t used coaching before.


       Regina worked with me for several months on setting realistic professional and personal goals and maintain a healthy work life balance. I found the conversations with her enormously helpful as she has a unique ability to empathize, listen and brighten up your day. She sheds light on entangled situations and habits, disentangles them with you and makes you see your positive qualities and how to strengthen them. Her goal is not only to help others with the excellent and imaginative advice she provides but to enable others to find confidence, wisdom, and strength in themselves. Regina also draws upon a wealth of professional experiences in high pressure and demanding universities which makes her the ideal coach for academics and PhD students. 

All in all, I am so thrilled that I was able to work with her as Regina has a real gift to help change lives for the better.

Associate Professor in Modern Languages

       I had been considering accessing a life coach for sometime before I met Regina.

The reason that I hadn’t yet, was that I couldn’t decide on a goal to achieve;  there were various things in my life which I felt needed improvement but they were all interlinked, so thinking about resolving anything generally resulted in a bit of a stagnant cyclical thought process.

Regina reassured me that coaching could be a way of determining a goal, which was very reassuring.

I found Regina very approachable and easy to talk to.  She set aside a relaxing and comfortable environment for us to meet and made me a hot drink;  this was particularly nice because it was  putting my otherwise quite hectic life on hold and felt like a little oasis of calm - which is entirely necessary to give an issue the space to think that it requires.

I felt that Regina was very good at actively listening and therefore was able to choose a suitable activity to help me to unravel some of the issues that I wanted to focus on.

Regina helped me to set some actions to achieve for the following meeting, setting achievable timeframes which would allow for lifestyle and were appropriate to task.

Because the issues were interlinked, what I started to find by addressing the initial goal was that some of the other matters started to resolve themselves. 

Regina is a very emotionally intelligent person with a warm personality and great listening skills.   There was no judgement or a feeling that Regina was trying to guide me towards a ‘suitable’ solution, just a time and space to break down goals into easily achievable action points.  Regina has a natural ability to choose the right tools for a task and empower people to move forward towards achievement.  She was able to keep useful records of a session which was particularly useful to use to recap in her absence. 

I would definitely recommend Regina to friends and colleagues, and look forward to accessing her coaching skills again in the future.

Lecturer in Child and Psychosocial Health

    My name is [...] and I am 15 years old. It was difficult for me to concentrate on one thing for a long time or to be enthusiastic about something. But of course I couldn't reflect that as well at the beginning as I am now; I only knew that something was “wrong” and that was why I often had problems at school and at home. That's why I asked Regina for help without actually knowing how to do it and with the slight fear that the lesson would be boring and superlative. But it was great! She was on good terms with me from the start and after the first lesson I was already looking forward to the next. You, or rather we both quickly found out what the problem was and     


    Regina had cool ideas for me. Suddenly I had a lot of ideas of my own that I could discuss with her openly and without hesitation. Somehow I immediately had great confidence in her and was able to speak openly. I think that helped a lot. Now I know, for example, where my interests lie and where my strengths are. I loved every session with her and I'm still very proud of what we did. Thank you dear Regina! I would recommend you to every student in my class and to every friend.

Pupil at secondary school

       I very much enjoyed my coaching experience with Regina. It really worked well between me and her. This was my very first experience with coaching, and one I really enjoyed. I would consider doing it again, for a longer period of time. I took away the ability to ask myself the question ‘so how to go about it?’ – before coaching it was just about complaining/thinking about a problem, whereas during the coaching experience I developed the ability to reflect upon ways to actually solve the problem, and how to measure a success towards achieving the goal.

Associate Professor in Sociology

Imagine you had written a book, encompassing some 600 pages, but not quite finished it. The ending was still missing and all of those 600 pages had to be reviewed, corrected and partly rewritten. That was me in March 2021 and after having worked on this project for over 6 years I felt that if I didn’t get it done by the end of the year I would simply not be able to face it anymore.

   The obvious solution “Well, get to it, then!” didn’t work, unfortunately, because I had partially lost hope, greatly lost motivation and being alone with two children, one dog and a job with some responsibility simply had no time to spare whatsoever.

   Then again: Did I want to give up on it? Of course not.

So, although I felt almost embarrassed asking someone else to solve my impossible predicament, I called Regina, who had already a reputation for not taking “can’t be done” for an answer, and after she had agreed to rise to the challenge, met her with a heavy notion of guilt and extremely light baggage of optimism.

  What happened in our conversations during the following four sessions was this:

I realized that I carried within me a debilitating judgement about this line of work, because no one had asked me to do it; I did it all on my own accord and for myself. For some reason it felt too self-indulgent to invest all this time and effort on a hobby rather than on real work. After this had become clear to myself, Regina asked, if I wanted to stick with this evaluation. I did not. I began to call book-writing my “work”, too, and started feeling good assigning it the same space and importance in my life as to my pay-job.

  Then Regina asked me what kind of success I was hoping for. Although it would be lovely, if the book got published and sold, I felt, that this isn’t necessary for my personal satisfaction. I knew that if only one other person read and liked my book, it would have been worth my while writing it. Since this goal seemed a) feasible and b) reminded me of my reward, thinking of my motives got my motivation-engine running again. As it happens, some extremely well-meaning and diligent person has since then read the first half of my book liked it well enough, so I’m on a roll now in the attempt to finish the second half as soon as possible and harvest more appraisal. (Could be I got addicted to it now but never mind, - Regina can fix that next.)

    We talked about possible spiritual implications of my writing, time-management, expectations from myself and outside, step-to-step progress monitoring, about help from others, the need to pause, the positive and negative effects of pressure and many other things. Frankly, what might have helped most was the fact that my coach believed in me and my little endeavor all the way through. Ah, you think, she might only have pretended to trust in my success? Well, wait and see…

   Now, in mid-August 2021 I have completed the ending of my novel and reviewed around 450 pages, so it seems highly probable that I will get it all done by the end of the year. With a little help from my coach I have also had the courage to ask people for some feedback, which in return has led to more corrections but also better results.

   What matters more than any of this, is my deep joy and satisfaction every minute I have spent on my project since. I am looking forward to every day which allows me to work on the book and take care to make sure it is a rare exception when this does not happen. I even venture so far as to say that I don’t care any longer when the book will be finished. I witness how my passion, free time and work time all merge into one. I start writing two hours in the morning, before everybody else is up and late at night after they have gone to bed, for nothing but the pure fun of doing it. What a gift - Thank you, Regina.

   Are there any drawbacks in working with Regina? Yes, there are!

She insists that once my book gets made into a film by Warner Bros and makes me filthy rich, I’ll have to buy her lunch in the most fancy place she can think of.

So by all means, do hire her but read the small print!



       I have never had coaching before and wasn’t really sure what to expect but it has been a very positive experience. I have found my sessions with Regina extremely useful, they gave me the opportunity to take time out of my day to consider a particular goal (promotion) and strategies for achieving this. The sessions were particularly helpful as I felt they were not just a chat about my goals but were structured round my needs and Regina had some exercises/tasks to help me with my thinking. For example, looking at my strengths as the legs of a table. It made me think quite differently about things as at the end there was ‘evidence’ of my achievements.

I also found the sessions quite challenging, Regina supported me to give evidence or justification, this was important as the aim was to push me forward and the strategies she employed did move me on. At each session she checked out how I was and we had a discussion about what I wanted to focus on. If I wasn’t sure, she was able to take on board what I was saying and to reflect this back to me and was helpful in suggesting areas we could explore based  on what I had said. I felt she demonstrated great skill in getting to the bottom of what the issue was for me.  I always felt at the centre of the conversation and that everything I said and felt was valued.  She has great listening skills, was never judgemental and just accepted how things are for me, she has a very positive and’ can do’ attitude, I left sessions feeling energised and with an action plan.  

I particularly enjoyed and found helpful some of the exercises we tried during the sessions.

Associate Professor in Health Science

       I was impressed by the way you memorised my goals and repeated thoughts from my previous sessions back to, strengthening their impact of my ideas. It was particularly helpful during the last session when you challenged me, something along the lines of “so your goal was this… but it hasn’t happened. Why might that be?”  It left me thinking on that question myself, and I felt more motivated than ever to achieve my goals. You are a skilled listener and also have a real sense of positivity and I always left the session feeling motivated and energised.

I hope that is helpful, thank you again for all your time and I found the sessions extremely helpful.


Senior Research Fellow

       I found coaching with Regina very useful. She helped me find insights into my difficult situation and move from a negative mindset to a more positive one.

Her questions and suggestions helped move me into a more positive direction and gave me better clarity into my situation. She helps you reflect more deeply into your problems or difficulties and find meaning in those challenges.


I would love to receive more coaching from her, and I will be seeking her support in the future. 

Phd student

I had the privilege of working with Regina for quite a few coaching sessions. I had never experienced a coaching session, but Regina made it comfortable and it's evident she tailors her guidance to the individual and ensures it's not a one size fits all approach. Regina is also incredibly accommodating and always willing to adapt to her client's need.

I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach who goes above and beyond to support their clients in a meaningful and personalised way.

Dr Regina Rauxloh was absolutely amazing during the coaching sessions we had. Her assured yet calm posture gives us the permission to really go deep and get vulnerable during the sessions without the feeling of being judged.

Her calm nature is definitely one of the traits I most appreciate as I did not feel rushed to have breakthroughs and somehow they happened very fast.

Finance Coach

       I thought that Regina was very good at facilitating my self-reflections without leading me in any particular direction.

Lecturer in Medicine

Working with Regina on some aspects of my personal life and relationships was very worthwhile, brought much clarity and was even enjoyable :) 

Regina's open minded and non judgemental approach was perfect for me to feel heard and to have my process reflected back to me, she was unafraid to stick with things that became complicated and difficult until we arrived on the other side with a sense of something being resolved

As a verbal processor the chance to take the time to look at neglected aspects of my life has proved incredibly valuable,  I feel like space has been made, and I have made clear some wants and needs and what steps might be appropriate to make changes.

I can see the wood for the trees and am less caught up in work and other distractions.


Professional Musician

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