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with certified life coach
Dr Regina Rauxloh

As a Mindset Coach I offer you professional assistance that accelerates your progress and gets you to where you want to be.​ Mindset and confidence coaching helps you to develop a beneficial mindset and generate the necessary energy to turn your dreams and intentions into successful projects.

Although there is an enormous potential in each of us, all too often we sabotage ourselves with doubts, lack of confidence, worries, and comparison with others. Subconscious automatic thought patterns give us deceptive reasons to stay where we are rather than pursuing our aims and aspirations. Mindset coaching on the other hand enables you to live by conscious choice rather than by habits, other people's expectations or limiting beliefs.

A certified life coach offers a safe, non-judgemental and client-focused space which can reveal blind spots, hidden assumptions and new solutions. It encourages you to explore novel thought patterns, adopt more effective behaviours and carry out sound plans which will lead to success.

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